Another computer

A combination of events led me to this. Firstly, my old PC has begun playing up on me (although removing the graphics card seems to have made an improvement). Secondly, I am on the move quite a lot, and I have often found myself bored on the aeroplane, and using a pencil and paper in the library, when everyone else is sitting tapping away. Thirdly, Linda returns to university tomorrow to complete a post-graduate degree, and she will find it useful having one at her disposal. I am, of course, talking about our new laptop - making us a three PC family (we've now got one each!). Liam was fascinated by its ability to play DVDs (of course his own PC can play DVDs too, and he has never been bothered about it before - but then he can't sit with his PC on his knee). We decided that we had better buy it now while we can still afford it, because our income will drop for the next 17 months. We also bought a new desk and chair for Linda to use for studying (my office is too cluttered for her - her words, I did offer to make space). One thing I have noticed is just how bad my PC's monitor is... maybe that will be the next purchase...


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