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Boy was I furious with Liam today. First of all, he gave me a fright when he came home from school: he sneaked in the back door and then crawled in behind the dining-room couch. I was in my study working, and I could hear lots of noise coming from the back; first of all I thought it was Mizzie running around, then I thought that she could never make so much noise. I went to investigate, now believing that there was an intruder. I saw the couch move, then heard him giggling. What a fright I got. Later, he opened his school bag and dumped several soaking wet school jotters and homework assignment sheets onto the coffee table - along with a soaked personal CD player, a very wet pullover and a raincoat. He had gone out of school at lunchtime (when the school has told him that he is not allowed to) and got caught in a downpour on the way back to school. Of course, Liam takes off his wet coat and pullover and just crams them into his bag, causing such destruction. He went upstairs to do his homework, and came back down 4 hours later. I think he was just keeping a low profile. On another note, Linda officially began her post-grad course today. She has rejoined the great unwashed, and is a student once more. I expect her to start wearing black clothes and listening to independent music up at the Union with her fellow students. No doubt she will be marching to protest against student loans and library closures. Or maybe not. Here she is, seated in her new chair in front of her new laptop, under her new desk lamp on her new desk. Just out of shot is her new bookcase. I am very proud of her. Tomorrow I fly to Lisbon. I will try to put up a picture when I get there, but it might have to wait until Wednesday. In the meantime, I would like to wish Celtic all the best against Barça, and hope that Henrik (who is now a Barcelona player) has a very, very bad game. Hail, hail!


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