Black Earnside

This time I am really having difficulty choosing today's PaD. Today was a lovely day. The sun was shining and the bees were buzzing. I tired of 'supervising' the builders (well, making sure that the fence is put up on the developer's land and not mine, actually), and decided that I ought to go out. I dropped Linda off at her office, and spied activity around a building I had long assumed to be derelict. There was a pigeon race. I whipped out the camera and asked the assembled people if they minded me taking pictures - they did not. I must say that they were an extremely friendly bunch. Following this, I still had time to kill before picking up Liam, so I headed up to the Black Watch memorial because this regiment is in the news just now - it is to be abolished as part of MOD cutbacks. Liam and I both had appointments at the dentist for our six-monthly check-ups. Liam got a clean bill of health, and the dentist told me that I had the cleanest teeth that she had seen in a long time. I was very pleased with that, because my teeth were once in a very sorry state, and it took eight months of treatment and several hundred pounds to repair the damage caused by neglect. After the dentist, we were in no real rush to go home, so we went down to Discovery Quay for a look at the RRS Discovery. We then decided that it would be nice to cross the river and go for a drive from Wormit to Newburgh to have a look at the Rail bridge, the river, Ballinbreich Castle and much, much more. As a special (and very rare) treat, our supper was chips which we ate in the car whilst parked at Black Earnside, the site of one of the important battles between Sir William Wallace and the English invaders that Mel Gibson forgot to mention in his travesty of a film, Braveheart. Anyway, back to the picture. This is the very first time that the pictures I took are those that I sought to take: consequently, I am unable to choose a PaD. The one you see here was chosen on the toss of a coin; the alternatives can be seen: here, here, here, and here


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