Boy Joshua

The mini-heatwave continues. It was very warm today, so I was informed that I would be mowing the lawn at the earliest opportunity. Knowing my place in the pecking order, I decided that I ought to cut the grass one last time - or at least one more time - before winter descends upon us. It was heavy work, because not only was the grass wet, it was also very long. It had been some time since it was last cut, and we've had a lot of rain since then. Following the exertions, I collapsed in a heap onto one of the garden chairs. Linda did not believe that I had sunstroke, and told me not to go back into the house without changing, and not to leave the lawnmower out overnight. Later, while Linda was making fish pie for tea, I managed to slip away unnoticed and drove the 20 miles to Arbroath, which is famous for its smoked haddock (known as Arbroath Smokies). A quick walk round the harbour, and a look at the fishing boats and some smokie houses, then the beginnings of a plan to walk along the clifftops to Red Castle tomorrow, then it was time to head back before I was missed.


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