Finalmente chegei

An uneventful trip was had. I got to Edinburgh with a couple of hours to spare, and decided to go up Calton Hill to take some photos. The tourists eventually got out of the way and afforded me a view of Princes Street, the Castle, Holyrood, etc. I have the photos on disk, and will aim to post them sometime soon. Got to the airport and went through the usual routine of boredom followed by tedium: it wasn't helped when the plane showed up 45 minutes late. Still, I could either wait in Edinburgh, or I could wait in London. As it transpired, I got to wait in both, since the plane for Lisbon was also 45 minutes late. The flights were... well, I'm sure you all know what short-haul flights are like: not long enough for a movie or a meal, and too short for a decent snooze. Got to Lisbon safe and sound, and am coping admirably with the 15 degree difference in temperature. The trip to the flat was uneventful - I caught the #45 bus to Cais Sodré, then the #15 tram to Alcântara. Spoke to Linda and Liam and was looking forward to watching the highlights of the Celtic game on Eurosport tomorrow, until a certain former Kangoo driving person from Rothesay, who shall remain nameless (Zak, you know who you are), told me the score and spoiled it all. Now I am just upset at how badly we were beaten. Nevermind. It's only football, and I'm in a hot country for the next two weeks!


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