No Metro

Don't have much time today. I'm hot, sweaty, needing a shower, fresh clothes, upload my photo, write a blurb and get to the other side of town - and all within the next 45 minutes. Why the rush? I hear you all ask. Well, today something important is happening. Something so important that I had to leave the National Library at 3.40pm, rush to the supermarket to get two bottles of olive oil and a bottle of cachaça (caipirinha for the making of), then I had to jump on the Metro to the Colombo Centre at Benfica to get a holdall and something to eat, and to take a photo of the Estádio da Luz (home of Benfica FC). Then I had to jump back on the rush hour Metro to Cais do Sodré, then catch a tram to Alcântara to do the aforementioned showering, changing, uploading and writing. I did note on my travels, however, that the weather has not yet broken, unless 32ºC is 'broken'. The trains were packed, but at least someone was thinking about us, because when we got off at Cais do Sodré, there were people from Coca Cola handing out ice cold cans of Cola Light to all and sundry. Hit the spot. Oh, yes. The important thing I have to do... I have to get over to the Irish Pub to watch Celtic versus AC Milan. Fingers crossed!


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