Open plan garden

Yesterday's PaD certainly seems to have been a success. This has left me with a problem, however - how to maintain that standard. Well, this occupied my mind for all of a couple of seconds as I whipped out my camera to capture the images that are to make up today's PaD. No golden sunset; no silhoutted fishing rods; no reflections off of cars and no sunbeams. Instead, you are getting a building site, or, to be more accurate, images of my back garden. You may recall me mentioning before that a developer has built houses on a piece of land behind my house, and you may also remember me telling you that they seem to have forgotten about them. Well, today they remembered, and they came and ripped down my old fence and all the Russian Vine that was holding it up. Tomorrow they return to erect an 8 foot fence along the property line, and will also build a driveway into my garden. The fence I am getting for free (along with regaining about 100 sq ft of my garden from the vine), the driveway I have to pay for. The best thing about it, though, is that they will not need to cut down the hawthorn tree at the end of the garden (even although it is on their land). They say their decision to leave the tree is a goodwill gesture to protect my privacy - I think it has more to do with the large cheque they are getting for providing me with an access point and right of way. Still, whatever their motive, I get my driveway, a new fence and more garden. Not a bad deal, I say. click here to see what it was like before the digger hauled my fence and vine away.


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