Peace and quiet

Liam went into town this afternoon to mill about the city centre with his friends. His plan was to look in the guitar shops for a new guitar that we can get him for his Christmas (yes, I know, it's not even October yet). He came back all excited... he has seen the one he wants - a Les Paul something-'tang'. I don't have a clue about these things, but he did say that it was in the £500 range. He has been practising his guitar quite a lot recently - kneeling on his bedroom floor beside his practice amp, making sure he's getting enough feedback. He swiped my camera batteries for his fuzz box, and he is using both computers to download Tabs from the various guitar sites. The two computers are in different rooms - so don't ask me how he manages, I just know that he seems to. Linda went into her office for a while to finish off some paperwork before she starts her post-graduate course on Monday. All of this left me with peace and quiet to listen to the footie and my beloved Celtic beating Dundee 3-0. Now we're 8 points ahead of Rangers - I'll be cheering on the Jam Tarts tomorrow in the hope that it stays that way. After the footie was finished, I went out onto our front balcony (such as it is) and took a few photos of Craigowl Hill and the TV masts thereupon, reminiscing about the good old days when Celtic's games used to be broadcast live on the telly - before the powers that be thought that it would be a good idea to make a deal with a small pay-per-view company whose charges are too high.


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