Taking notes

Thanks to everyone for their kind words... I wasn't depressed, just fed-up! I know how fortunate I am, and I know that there are many, many people much worse off than me. So thank you all, but I must let you all know that I wasn't feeling sorry for myself; as I said, I was just a little p*ssed off at things in general. Now with that out of the way, let's get to today's photo. Like I said yesterday, I have had to work hard today on an article that I was supposed to finish about 2 months ago. That I hadn't done it is no-one's fault but my own, and now the publisher has got angry and stamped her feet and told me that I am a naughty person who is holding up the entire process. So, knuckles duly rapped, I got down to it, and have spent the whole day slaving over a hot internet link to the fount of all information on Portuguese politics - Expresso [www.expresso.pt]. I only have to write a few paragraphs on why Durao Barroso appointed Santana Lopes as his replacement as prime minister, and why President Sampaio didn't call for early elections, and what will happen to Antonio Vitorino now that Barroso is EU President, and if he will run for leadership of the Socialist Party in November... OK. Your eyes are glazing over... too much information... (I'm euphoric! - talk about mood swings !!). Keep swaying between this one and this other one. What do you think?


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