More important decisions were made that were to have a major effect on how the day progressed. First of all, Linda phoned to let me know that I had resolved Liam's problem with his fuzz pedal with the advice I gave over the phone (i.e. get a new set of batteries). I seem to be becoming a bit of an expert with battery powered equipment nowadays! Back to the tale, however. I was humming and hawing about whether I really wanted to cycle around Monsanto today in this heat. Charles suggested going to the beach with him and his daughter, Isobel. I thought and thought, then I went down to the cafe and thought some more over a cup of coffee. Then I decided. When I come back at the end of October it will probably be too cold for the beach, and it will be just perfect for cycling in Monsanto. Then I hummed and hawed some more, because the bicycle hire shops in Monsanto close at the end this month. Charles then said that I could borrow his bike whenever I want. Well... it was in the mid-30s celcius, and I am going back to Scotland on Thursday, so the beach won out. Tram to Belém, ferry across the Tagus to Trafaria, then a bus, and voilá, we were at Costa da Caparica, where the sun was shining and the waves were... Well, the waves were big, and just perfect for diving over. Caught this beautiful sunset through the grain silos from the Lisbon ferry at Trafaria.


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