Dance, dance, dance to my two guitaaaaaaaarz

Wow! October already! Spent a very lazy day at home with Liam watching films on TV and playing on the computer. We were supposed to go out to the bank and shops, but we realised that Linda had taken the keys for the house, so we couldn't go anywhere without leaving the doors open - which we were not about to do - we're not that stupid. So, there was really nothing else for it but a pay-per-view movie. We spent most of the afternoon flicking through all the music channels making fun of what was on (apart from Graham Coxon, Blur, The Hives and, generally, most of the music on MTV2 and The Amp) - everything else was either R&B, Hip Hop, Heavy Metal or Teenie Pop, so it was fair game. Noticed that FilmFour is having a free weekend, so we watched The Gift (one of my favourites), and tomorrow we are going to watch the British gangster film, Sexy Beast. So, lots of excitement in store! Liam wanted to show off his new guitar that he bought with his savings. I've to tell you that it's a Fender Jag-Stang, and that it was designed by Kurt Cobain, and that it is powder blue with a triple pick-up. I am sure that that must mean something to someone - but alas, apart from the colour and the Kurt Cobain bit, it means absolutely nothing to me, although I am assuming that it must be good.


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