The day we went to Rothesay-o

Off on our travels again, this time to the beautiful Isle of Bute where I was dragged up to become the responsible member of society that I so very nearly am today. Liam was remarkably reluctant to get out of bed this morning, so he had to be threatened with water from the freezer. He got the message and got into the shower pronto. Liam's tardiness had us running late, so we changed our plans and decided to catch the Weymss Bay ferry instead of the 'Wee Ferry' at Rhubodach. The weather has been glorious over on the west coast - we left Dundee under a cloud. When we arrived, we teamed up with this crowd of fellow Pbasers: Zak, Conor and Andy (aka Northstar). I'm sitting in Zak's house just now typing this message and he's kindly letting me update my PaD from his house. So that's me met Northstar, Pedro Liborio, Zak and Conor - next week I am teaming up with Gavin, a fellow Pbaser from Dundee. I'm just waiting for the invitation to arrive from our American and Australian colleagues!


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