Flashin the grass

Liam had his first guitar lesson in a few weeks this evening. He hasn't been because, firstly, his tutor went to Brazil for a couple of weeks (we're obviously paying her too much), then I was in Portugal for three of the Thursdays, then last week we forgot. The last time I took him, he came out at 9pm and the sun was still in the sky; this time it was dark before his lesson began. Proof positive, if any was needed, that the nights are fair drawing in and Halloween, Guy Fawkes and Christmas will soon be upon us. I usually take advantage of the hour Liam is learning about his chosen piece of equipment to spend some time learning about mine. Today was more difficult, because not only was it dark, but it was also raining a cold Scottish autumnal rain. I headed off to the shore at a place called Kingoodie. I was there a few weeks ago with Liam and we took some photos of the small bay. I took some long exposure photos of the same bay - trying to catch the reflection of the streetlights in the water. Then I did something I have never done before... I switched on the camera's flash. While I don't really like flash photography, I think this turned out rather well. here and here are alternatives for those who, like me, don't like using the flash.


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