A historic day

Hallelujah! I managed to get out into the countryside today for the first time in about a month (or so it seems to me). Although my foray into the wilds of Strathmartine was brief - I only managed to escape for about 45 minutes - it was more than welcome. I think I was going stir crazy in the house. It was a glorious autumn day today, with beautiful sunshine. There was a bit of a wind, but it wasn't cold - no need for a coat. It was the perfect day for a walk, however brief, along the country lanes. Of course, I told Linda that I was going to the supermarket for the shopping, that was my cover. I eventually did go to the supermarket, but the 30 minute errand took almost 3 hours. When I eventually did get back, Linda saw that I had my camera and gave me "that" look. Today was a historic day for Scotland, too. Our new parliament was officially opened by the Queen. Let's hope that the numpties that sit in it manage to raise their game and start acting like legislators, and stop behaving like jumped up town councillors. Another historic fact, today Norway's football squad beat Scotland's for the first time in 41 years; also, Scotland's 20-year record of being unbeaten at home in World Cup qualifier games came to an end. I think Bertie Vogts has made it his mission to save the Tartan Army money, by making sure they have nowhere to go :-(


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