Hallowe'en already! One thing about doing this project is that you certainly notice the days passing. I remember when there used to be 24 hours in a day! Today has 25 hours in it, and it is still fairly whizzing by! I met this chap while I was out in the garden earlier on. He seemed a bit miserable, so I thought I would have a chat with him to see if I could cheer him up a little (I know, imagine me cheering anyone up!). He was amiable enough, and seemed happy to let me take his picture in return for having someone to talk too for once. Apparently, and he was a loss to explain why, people run away from him without trying to get to know him. He believes that it is a sad reflection on Western society that people can't look past the surface and see the real person underneath. He told me that we are obsessed with an idealised and highly unrealistic vision of what we ought to look like and how we ought to dress, and if we don't live up to these visions, which are dreamt up and promoted by Madison Avenue types, then we are failures and are to be shunned. As he left, he made a very good point. He said that we are being bombarded with the idea that we should all strive towards this ideal of 'perfection', and that so many people are so overtaken by this goal that they forget to live. In the end, he said, we will all look more like him. Good point. Scary thought. Well, it is Hallowe'en, isn't it.


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