Rainy days and caipirinhas

I'm glad to say that normality has been restored after yesterday's rant. That does not mean that I am taking anything back. No. I meant every word I said (and I was holding myself back). Today Liam and I met up with fellow Dundee Pbaser, Gavin, and we went for a walk in the direction of the Sidlaws. The weather started off reasonable, and we were having a nice conversation about families, photography and football. We made our way to our destination, and stopped off to take a few pictures when the heavens opened. It was raining so heavily that we could almost have swam back to Dundee. We phoned a taxi instead, but were having little luck on account of not knowing the name of the road... and the taxi company was apparently not willing to dispatch a vehicle to "the place where there are some containers in a field just up the road a bit from a field full of rubble on the road just past Trottick on the way to Auchterhouse". The dispatcher told me to hold on, which I did, then she hung up. We decided that we might as well get wet walking back to Dundee as get wet standing where we were. As luck would have it, a passing taxi driver going off duty took pity on us three drowned rats and took us home, where Gavin and I partook of these caipirinhas as consolation for an unsuccessful photo day. Cheers Gavin, and thanks for the loan of the teleconvertor.


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