Stunt riders

Liam's friend Joe is over for the night. I watched him as he arrived at 2pm, and all I could see was a guitar amp. 'Well,' I thought, 'there goes any chance to get some work done!' So I sat back and contemplated to the sound of guitars warming up to the feedback loop. Then there was silence, interrupted only by the occasional guitar noise, then, without warning, the air shook to the sound of "Jungle Boogie" followed by the beginnings of Greenday's "American Idiot". Then I thought to myself that the hundreds of pounds that we have spent on guitar lessons were probably not wasted afterall. Still, it did not help me in my quest to get some work done. As I was considering giving up, Liam burst into the room and announced that he and Joe were going out into the garden, asking if I would like to help "his favourite son" bring something downstairs. I asked him how he knew that he was my favourite, and, as quick as a flash, he replied: "Because you don't like Jimmy." Aghast at the speed of mind on display, I fell into line and did as I was bidden. They have used some of the left-over wood from the new fence, and other bits and pieces of junk that is lying about the garden to build a ramp off of which they are attempting to jump on Liam's bike. It may be dry and sunny outside, but it is bitterly cold - the wind seems to be coming straight from Iceland - so they will need to keep active. Maybe I'll get them to clear up all the dead leaves... I wonder what kind of response that suggestion would get! No, actually, I know exactly what response I would get!


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