There are two teas in Ettrick...

We had a good day today. Up early and watched The Village (don't ask) while having our breakfast at my sister's house. My little brother is moving home (he's moving two houses down the street from his existing house), so he is in the middle of decorating. We were asked if we would like to help hang some wallpaper, but, reluctantly, we had to decline, on account of the fact that we had to meet up with Zak and Northstar for a stroll up to St. Blane's Chapel. I know, it's a tough life, but someone has to do it. You may well know that St. Blane's is my favourite place, and it was nice to be there with some fellow photographers. The solitude of the moment was somewhat spoiled, however, with the sound of Motorhead's 'The Game' coming through Liam's earphones. After St. Blane's we went to the Ettrick Bay Tearoom, where Northstar singlehandedly ate all the cake (only kidding! or am I!). I managed to get a photo of the Co-Worker, which I will post soon. Northy and his lovely family had to leave Bute and head north, and Zak headed off home, leaving Liam and I to spend the rest of the afternoon walking along the shore of the Sounds of Bute to Kirkmichael Bay. Still had to do the rounds of the relatives, then back to my sister's house to do this and sleep. My sister doesn't have any graphics programs on her PC, so this is straight out of the camera. I hope you don't mind.


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