They should listen to themselves

I heard something today that made me laugh and angry at the same time. You see, there was a programme on TV this morning about the making of the film, Cold Mountain. At one stage, they were interviewing Nicole Kidman about the "hardships" of filming in Romania in winter. She said that it was very hard, what with the cold and the wind. Apparently, she could only say a couple of lines before her lips froze, then she would have to stop and put on her quilted jacket and have someone come along aiming a warm air blower at her face. Fair enough, I thought. Sounds pretty uncomfortable. However, she wasn't finished there. She went on to talk about the hardship, and how it was worthwhile putting up with such discomfort and pain because, at the end, "something beautiful will result". All this time I was thinking about the people who have to work outdoors in all weathers - even Romanian winters - and who will probably earn less money in their lifetime than Ms Kidman got for two weeks on the Romanian set. Sometimes I wonder if these people inhabit the real world. Nevermind, as long as she felt the pain was worth enduring for the millions she was paid for putting up with it, then that's all right then, daahling.


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