What am I?

Wowee!!! Back on my own computer at last. I might have the oldest computer in the house, and it might only have Windows 98 on it, and it might even crash every now and again, but it's like an old shoe: it fits me perfectly, and after 5 years by my side, I know exactly how it is set up, and I know where everything is, and even although the monitor is awful, the whole set up is comfortable. I like my PC... it's the boss PC. The broadband comes into it, and from there is routed to Liam's PC in the living-room and Linda's laptop upstairs in the bedroom. I only mention this because while I was in Portugal I was using Linda's laptop, Charles's PC and the computers at my office, all of which have their flaws. Today I spent most of the day on Linda's computer, installing a new printer (so she doesn't end up using all my photographic ink to print out course assignments), running a new broadband cable, and then installing all the updates that her XP automatically downloaded (XP Service Pack 2 - it took about 40 minutes to install!). After that I copied September's TIFFs to CD, or rather, to 23 CDs! Now that is a lot of photos!


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