Whaur's ma dosh?

I checked the balance of my Portuguese bank account today and got a rather pleasant surprise. I checked my Scottish bank account today and got a rather nasty shock. It is at times like these that we really discover whether we are 'half full', like Dominic, or 'half empty', like Partick Thistle supporters. I can't really decide which I am, and rather suppose that I fall between the two stools, depending on... Well, I don't really know what it depends on, if the truth be told. The situation is quite simple, I can afford a new camera, but that would be my third this year, and Linda might just take exception to such largesse. Actually, even I would take exception to being so good to myself - at least until I have been paid. On the negative side, I have to go to Portugal again this month. This time to have the meeting that we never had last month. I know what you are thinking. You're thinking that I'm a lucky bugga, and of course I am. Portugal is a lovely country, and I enjoy spending time there, and it will be warm and sunny. Yet, I'm just back, and I am having some difficulty convincing myself to shell out £250 on air fares and spend another two weeks away from home just to attend a meeting that I know will resolve nothing. So there you have it. Loaded in sunny and warm Portugal where I have to go in a couple of weeks, and on my uppers in cold and wet Scotland where I don't want to leave... half full, half empty? I really can't decide.


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