Which door hides my melancholy?

'Good grief', I thought as I reviewed my most recent bletherings. You must all think that I'm a miserable SOB, always complaining about this, and moaning about that, and posting sombre dark images. Enough is enough! I said as I pulled myself up by my bootstraps and thought happy, positive thoughts. My recent melancholy, I concluded, has been caused by my imprisonment in the house, handcuffed to this infernal machine. The solution was simple: when Linda leaves for university, and Liam leaves for school, I must leave too. And that is exactly what I did this morning: I walked into town and wandered about taking photographs and browsing in bookshops. Johnnyboy's advice hit the mark, and I filled my lungs with good autumn air, appreciated the colours of the trees and watched people as they scurried about their business. I walked down to the riverside, then I spent over an hour browsing in the bookshop, before finally buying a replacement for my lost copy of 'Bury my Heart at Wounded Knee' (I will save my comments on how that book makes me feel for another day). I wandered along to the local coffee shop, where I had a bacon sandwich and a frothy coffee while I read my new book. Time was passing, and I was relaxing! I went to the computer store and bought more gizmos for my PC, then fitted and installed them all. Gavin phoned me to arrange a photo opportunity this coming Thursday, and to tell me about his new camera (Nikon D70). I told him that I almost bought a Canon 300D today - there is a really good offer on them in one of the shops that I visited in town, where I spent 20 minutes playing with it and severely testing my willpower. The credit card remained in my wallet, though, and I told the crestfallen assistant that it is on my wish list as I fled before I broke. I'll maybe wait another few months, and pick one up in the January sales (but don't say a word to Linda)!


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