Ainda 'tou a trabalhar, pá!

It's a shame that today had to be like it was, especially after such a nice weekend. Started out okay: woke up at a reasonable hour, read until the radio came on, listened to the news, looked out the window and saw the sun shining, put a washing on, had a shower, had breakfast in the cafe downstairs, then caught the train to the uni. Things went downhill from there. Got to my office and started working, then I found out that someone I have never met is blaming me for something that I am supposed to have done, but which I haven't, since I've never touched the thing that I am supposed to have done 'it' to - whatever 'it' may be, which I don't know, because this person refuses to tell me or anyone else what I'm supposed to have done. Apparently this person has a reputation for trying to blame other people for her mistakes, so no-one believes her anyway... it's just that she is not letting us use her article until this whatever it is is sorted out, and my boss has now got to the stage where he has told me to forget about using her paper. Which, whilst understandable, is unfortunate, because it means that I now have to arrange another article to take its place - and the only reserve paper I have needs to be translated by Friday - and it's over 25 pages long, and it is on a complicated subject that I know very little about. So, through no fault of my own, I am left with the task of either translating the article myself, or arranging for someone else to translate it on the understanding that they might get paid come the next financial year. Unsurprisingly there are not very many takers. The upshot of all this was that I was still up at the uni. slogging away over a hot keyboard until after 9pm. I didn't get anything to eat until past 10pm, when I had Bacalhau com Natas in my favourite restaurant. I'm feeling slightly more upbeat now, but I know it won't last, because I have to face it all again tomorrow. I never thought that I would ever truthfully say that I am disappointed that I will not be able to spend all day tomorrow in the National Library!


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