Bad hair day

I arrived in Edinburgh with plenty of time to spare before having to be at the airport to check-in. The weather was nice, so I decided to go for a wander. I went over the North Bridge, then down to Market Street, and then up to Princes Street Gardens, where there is a Remembrance Garden beside the Scott Monument. I stood and watched the service that was taking place for a while. Edinburgh was lovely and mild, but by now I couldn't hang about, so I caught the bus to the airport and checked-in for my flight. I thought I had lucked out on the Amsterdam flight, as my seat was in the business class - the stewardess even asked me if I wanted a newspaper. Wow, I thought as I read my complimentary Guardian, I've been upgraded, and I'll get something nice and hot to eat and a glass of wine instead of just a sandwich and orange juice! My luck didn't hold out as they realised that they had put the divider one row too far back. In the end I had to make do without the nice hot meal - which smelled very nice indeed. Still - I had my newspaper. I noticed that the airport shop at Schiphol were selling the Canon EOS20D for €1,600, and the 300D for €1,300. While the 300D had the battery grip, 18-55mm kit lens and a 1Gb card, the 20D was supplied with the 18-55mm lens only. Still, I thought, that was a bargain, and I very nearly gave in to temptation, until I remembered that Christmas was coming, and that it would not be a good idea to spend all my money before I buy any presents or food, or pay any bills. The Amsterdam-Lisbon leg of my journey was a nightmare. I am not a very tall person - 5'8" - and I had trouble getting into my seat - and forget about moving. I'm only glad that the person in front decided not to recline their seat, or I would have been pinned. Got to the flat absolutely shattered at about 10.30pm, but still managed to speak to Charles until 1am. So that explains the tardiness of this picture.


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