Crisp blue autumn sky

What a beautiful day it is today. We have a lovely clear blue sky, and the air is so crisp and clean that you just want to be out walking in the countryside. I love days like this, when you can see your breath and for miles. The sun is out, but it is giving off no noticeable heat. I really hope we have a nice clear crisp night tomorrow. Liam, Linda and I are heading off up the Law with Gavin and his kid to watch the fireworks displays. One thing about Dundee City Council, they really do put on a good Guy Fawkes' Night. They have two bonfires: one in the west of the city, at Lochee Park, and the other in the east, at Baxter Park. From up on the Law you can see both, and both sets of fireworks. If it is clear, you can also see across Fife to the fireworks from the St. Andrews display. I haven't heard the forecast for tomorrow, so let's just keep our fingers crossed. As for today. Well, I am proofreading and correcting a very interesting article about the Croatian Ustasha leader, Ante Pavelić, and getting ready for the after-school onslaught as Liam brings Joe home with him for a couple of hours. I will take Liam to his guitar lesson, then I will go to the supermarket and get some sparklers and a lighter to take up the Law tomorrow. Fiz. If you are anywhere that celebrates Guy Fawkes' Night, then I hope you enjoy yourself and have a safe one. Cheers until tomorrow.


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