I'm offsky...

Well that's me all packed and ready to go. I tend not to take too much with me: just my cameras and the laptop. No need for clothes, since I have clothes over there. Makes it a lot more hassle free at the airport that way, since I don't have to hang about at the carousel praying that my bags aren't half way to Capetown. Apart from the quick getaway and the freedom from worries of lost baggage, it is also an awful lot easier to carry. Travelling light is the way I like to do it. Linda, on the other hand, is incapable of travelling light - especially when Liam is concerned. Take the last time we went to Rothesay as an example. We were going for three days (two nights), staying at my sister's. For me, I had two sets of clean underwear (in addition to the clean underwear I wore on day 1), two t-shirts, a jumper, spare trousers and a coat. For Liam, Linda packed five t-shirts, two sweat shirts, three pairs of trousers, a fleece, two coats, enough underwear for a month, pair of trainers, pair of boots, a hat, gloves and scarf. Needless to say I unpacked most of it before we left. Still, as for me, there's nothing left to do but get a good night's sleep, then catch the train to Edinburgh in the morning, giving myself a couple of hours in the capital before I have to be at the airport to catch my flight to Amsterdam for the connection to Lisbon. All being well, I should be at the flat by 11.30 tomorrow night. You may have to wait until Tuesday to see my PaD, though. Can you wait?


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