It's always the same

Big game tonight, so I had to put another picture up. Okay. So the fun begins again. Yesterday I decided to get a new monitor for my desktop PC, since the one I have been using for the past five years has a big scratch down the middle, caused during some decorating a couple of years ago. I also want a new one because using this one is like reading a fishbowl... I want a flat one. I was toying with a TFT, but decided against it because they are too small and too expensive, so a 19" FST is winging its way to me as I speak. I think having the laptops has demonstrated to me just how poor my current monitor actually is -- and there is no escaping the fact that the monitor is just about the most important part of the machine, particularly if you hold your eyesight in any regard at all. A few other bits and bobs were purchased... and I think I'm going to have to get another USB hub what with the sudden proliferation of USB devices attached to my PC! Gadgets... what would we do without them? As I was reinstalling the troublesome graphics card (problem caused by PC overheating in a case designed for a much less powerful machine - solved by removing the case completely, and having a table fan on standby) I was listening to a CD that I found lying around. What happened to come on but one of my all time favourite songs (albeit in a new version): A Forest, by The Cure. Ohhh, Fat Bob Smith... your songs have certainly stood the test of time. Frightening to think that that song was originally released in 1979 - a whole quarter of a century ago! Where did all these years go?


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