Kiss my sweet soft Scottish arse

Picture the scene, if you can. A man is put in charge with protecting something extremely valuable, and is given all the resources imaginable with which to meet his responsibility. The extremely valuable thing is destroyed, at huge human cost, while this man is in charge - he didn't see it coming, and therefore doesn't believe that it is his fault. Imagine that this same man then lies about the criminals' whereabouts, and then causes immense destruction to be brought down on the heads of undefended people on the basis of a whole series of lies that this man has dreamt up to justify the destruction. Imagine then that the criminals weren't there afterall, and that the weapons they were said to be there weren't there either... Aw. Enough of this bull. I will say what I think, and I don't care what you think of me. The American people had a golden opportunity to get rid of a proven incompetent, barely literate and dishonest warmonger from the most powerful political office in the world. That more than 50% of the American electorate who voted decided to keep him in office says more than we need to know about the majority of Americans. Forget about the world for now. Is America a safer place now than it was five years ago? Do most Americans feel more secure now than they did five years ago? Do most Americans truly believe that Bush has done a good job in the past four years? Do most Americans actually believe that it is a good thing that their government is pissing off its allies, and leaving it isolated? Do most Americans actually know where Afghanistan and Iraq are (for that matter, do they know where the United Kingdom is?). Take note of this: Tony Blair's popularity in Britain is suffering because of his support of Bush - our government might support Bush's war, most of our people don't. I have to ask this final question: were the 51% of Americans who voted for Bush because they believe him to be a 'good commander in chief' dropped on their heads as babies? How on earth they come to that conclusion is beyond me. So, for these people I have this to say - as a friend of America - you can kiss my sweet soft Scottish arse. For Kerry and his cohorts, I have this to say: you lost, give it up, don't drag this pitiful travesty out any further. It's time we move on and plan that revolution...


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