A little more conversation...

I've been trying to catch up with everyone's PaDs - I have missed an awful lot, so it looks as if it is going to take a while before I'm back up to speed, so please bear with me, and don't be offended if I'm slow in getting to you. Most of the morning was spent transferring my Lisbon stuff to my home network in preparation for the coming couple of weeks of hard translating and proofreading. I'm almost afraid to open my email in case I am called back to Lisbon at a moment's notice. You see, with all the problems caused by the woman who won't let us use her article (despite us paying to get it translated), we might have to have a meeting to decide what we need to do to prevent this kind of thing from happening again (I have some ideas, but I'd be arrested if I mentioned them). Myself and Filipe (the accountant) have decided to take things in hand ourselves, and run the whole venture without the assistance of the bosses, who are about as useful as chocolate teapots if the truth be known. We will, of course, give the bosses their due, and let them think that they are running things, while we just get on with it. In order to progress, however, it is possible that we have to have a meeting of the board, at which we will nod at the appropriate points. Filipe is to give me at least one week's notice if a meeting has been organised - which is something neither of us really want to happen because it will give the bosses an opportunity to cock things up. Anyway, here's hoping that everybody's too busy before mid-January, and that I can stay here at home until at least then. In the meantime, I have been lacking all inspiration in the PaD department. As I was playing about with an image in Photoshop, I got an instant message from Zak. He suggested I do an arty shot of toothpaste. I decided to do our conversation. I dare you to spam him!


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