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It has been a beautiful and mild day here so far today. In fact, the weather has been lovely since I got back from Lisbon. I seem to have missed the snow and sleet that was Scotland's lot last week (lucky me). The forecasters are telling us that there is more clear weather on the way, but that the temperatures are going to drop from the present tropical 13ºC to a more typical 5ºC - and that we should be thinking about scraping the ice from the windscreens soon. That makes me happy, because I like the dry, crisp and clear days with temperatures struggling to get above zero much more than I like sleet, rain, snow and gray skies. As I don't really get much opportunity to take outdoor daylight photos at this time of year (it gets dark here very early), I decided to make the effort to get one today. I also thought that you might like to see what kind of weather we are having - as you can see: bright and sunny, and not very cold at all (I don't even have the central heating on, and the back door is open for Mizzie's sake). Taking this picture also gave me an opportunity to put my new monitor to the test - what better than a large pano (obviously this is the cut down version) to prove my newly upgraded RAM and the huge, pinsharp, monitor. I almost feel as if I'm at Pedro's house doing this! Just to let you know, this is my back garden in its normal state (it isn't much better in the summer - only greener). As you can no doubt tell, I am not much of a gardener; it's all I can do to cut the grass.


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