Olha para mim!

Yesterday's PaD had a message in it that either no-one saw, or they saw it and chose to ignore it. In case it was the former, I have tried to make the message clearer - of course, it will make no difference if you were choosing to ignore it all along! Enough about yesterday, let's talk of today and the future. Today was spent in the National Library reading newspaper reports of Sidonio Pais's elevation to the dizzy heights of President of the Republic. Gripping stuff it wasn't. Silvia invited me to her house for my tea, which I gladly acceded to because, apart from being a very good friend, she is a formidable cook. I got the good end of the deal - I buy the plonk (and Portuguese red wine is very, very good, and very, very cheap - Borba Alentejan wine is less than 3 euros a bottle), and get to eat too. Now to the future (can you tell I'm hurrying - I'm at Silvia's house just now, and she is cooking the tea as I type - it's a shame you can't share the smell....), I phoned Pedro and made arrangements to spend the weekend in São Martinho. And I really am a lucky bugga, because Silvia is going to her parents' house for the weekend, so I'm getting a lift to Pedro's. Sometimes it is just good to be me :-)


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