Pois, pois... umas partes tem, outras não!

Adventure. Yes, that's the correct word. Last night we (or rather I) managed to polish off three bottles of delicious red wine while sitting talking with Alexandre and Sílvia about everything and nothing. Before we knew it it was very, very late... well, actually, it was early morning. A spare bed was found onto which I collapsed and promptly fell sound asleep. I woke up early, however, and decided that I had better shake a leg and do all the things I had to do before heading up to São Martinho to visit Pedro and his lovely family. I discovered a wonderful technological thing today - USB memory sticks! I was so overawed that I just had to buy one. Purchase made, I headed back to the flat where I showered, changed and used my new memory stick to download Linda's essay from my email on Charles's networked computer onto my non-networked laptop. Magnificent thing that it is (smaller than a pen), it worked perfectly. I did what I had to do with the essay, saved it back onto the stick, then emailed it back to Scotland on Charles's computer again! Ablutions and chores complete, I headed back over to Sílvia's where I had my lunch and waited for my lift to Pedro's. We didn't get away until the back of 2pm - and Pedro was expecting me about 3.30! Sílvia (it was all her fault) wanted to take the coast road to São Martinho rather than the motorway. I managed to get a compromise - back roads to Torres Vedras, then motorway. We stopped off en route to have some pão com chouriço (and some pão sem chouriço too), and enjoyed wonderful vistas of Mafra. We passed Gibraltar on the way (seriously, we did). Pedro and Helena were very understanding about my arrival almost 3 hours later than planned. I'm sorry Pedro, but it was all Sílvia's fault... honest!


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