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I was very late putting yesterday's PaD up. This is because I am using someone else's internet while I'm here, and the machine was being used. This also explains why I have not had much of a chance to look around at what the rest of you have been up to - and for that I apologise, but hasten to add that (YIPPEE!!!) I'm going home tomorrow to sleety, wet, cold, dark and miserable Scotland (from lovely mild, bright, dry and sunny Portugal). Personally, I can't wait to get home; a fortnight away is quite long enough. So, I'll be back at my own computer tomorrow night (well, maybe Tuesday...). As for today, it passed in seemingly never-ending queues for public transport. I decided to head up to Benfica for some olive oil to take home, so I walked to Santos (I wanted to take some photos), then caught a tram to Figueira where I bought a day pass for the buses, trams and Metro (I had plans). I got the Metro to Luz, where I went to the supermarket and got the oil, and also an MP3 player for Liam. Walked down to Estrada Benfica, past an old house of mine, then caught the #58 bus to São Domingos de Benfica, where I went past another old house of mine. From there I went to Alto dos Moinhos and caught the Metro to Baixa-Chiado. This is where it all started going wrong... I went up the escalators to Chiado, and waited and waited and waited then waited some more for the #28 tram to São Bento. After 40 minutes I gave up and caught the #28 to Praça do Comércio. There I waited and waited and waited and waited some more for a tram to Alcântara. I finally gave up and caught a #100 bus to Cais do Sodré, where I took one look at the queue for the Alcântara tram before deciding to get the Metro back up to Figueira where I finally caught a #18 tram to Alcântara. It only took two hours (although it seemed like more). Public transport... dontcha just love it?!?!?


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