Cathie's birthday

To celebrate Cathie's birthday (Cathie is Linda's mum, and her birthday was yesterday. She's as old as her eyes, and older than her teeth!) we all went over to Tony and Eileen's house for a small family celebration (Tony and Eileen are Ross and Erin's parents, and Tony is Linda's nephew). While there, we got to talking about what we would like for Christmas that we know we won't get. When asked, I said that I would like the 20D and a couple of lenses, but I know that I won't get it because it costs over £1000. It was then that Linda demonstrated how her mind works - much to the amusement of myself and Tony (with us being the only adult males present). "I will get it for you," she proclaimed whilst drinking her seventh glass of wine, "we can absorb it." I asked her what she meant when she said "absorb it". "Well," she began in all earnestness, "I can get it with your credit card." Okay, I thought. "But I pay the credit card bill" I said. "Yes, I know," she continued, "We can absorb it with your January bonus payment." Well, yes! What more can I say to that? Absorbing logic.


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