D is for dosh, dinheiro and deadlines

Robin asked a very good question yesterday: what am I going to do for photographs when I run out of coins. To tell you the truth, I haven't even begun to think about it, and I will not be thinking about it today either. Why am I being so blasé about my bowls of Stu? Well, since you asked so nicely, let me tell you. I can explain in two words: immanent deadlines. Yes, I am afraid that I have to finish off some work today. Unlike the fairer sex, who can apparently concentrate on hundreds of things at the same time (and who have elephantine memories), I am a mere man, whose brain can only manage to cope with one task at a time. So, not being someone who wants to fight nature, I must accede to the demands of those who are willing to pay me to do their bidding, and try to placate the bank manager. So, unfortunately, work wins. Now I must beg more forgiveness from you all, for I have a confession to make: I took this photograph last night, before midnight in the UK (although it was already today in half of the world). I know that this breaks the rules, and that it might even lead to irate messages being left on the forums, with people demanding that I be severely chastised for failing to obey the 'laws' to the letter; however, in my defence, I have too much work to do today to be taking and processing photographs (let alone think about what photographs to take), and, when it all boils down to it, I will put up whatever photograph I like here, regardless of when it was taken. I may plead with people to look at my Daily Bowl, but I don't coerce them. So, with that, I would like to present you with what will, in all probability, be my last coin/money photo for now (although I wouldn't hold me to that, because I have been known to be fickle); a photograph that, as you can see, is dedicated to the letter D.


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