Ever increasing circles

With Christmas fast approaching, my in-tray being full to overflowing and my grant up for renewal in the next six weeks, what better time to start a new blog to go along with my photographic diary and to embark upon the resurrection of my moribund, yet internationally important, 1500 page website (oh, the modesty)? There is a twisted logic to this (convoluted, more like). Firstly, I enjoy photography (did you guess?). I am not all that good at it, but I do get some satisfaction from doing it, and, when all's said and done, I haven't been doing it for very long - for about seven months. The challenge of taking at least one photograph every day has opened my eyes to the world around me, and has provided me with some discipline. Now I find myself looking at the world through different eyes: I notice light and shadow and see potential, even beauty, in unexpected places. Now I can even identify different kinds of trees and flowers, and I know that hawthorn berries can be used to make a stress reducing infusion, and that rowan berries are not poisonous! Through my photography, I have forced myself to write a diary - something that I have been meaning to do for years, but never quite managed to get around to. From there to this: the photography diary has been a cathartic experience, but the community is small. Blogger is bigger, so I decided to try my hand here too. As for my website, well, I had been maintaining it for over five years, and it just got stale. Now, thanks to the blog, my interest in XHTML and CSS has been reignited. My photography has forced me to learn the true potential of Photoshop, which I have now almost completely mastered - a skill that is undoubtedly useful for webdesign. The diary has finally cleared the writer's block that I had been suffering for over a year, and I am now ready to tackle the site and my research. Working on the site will help focus my mind, and assist me in focusing on the reading I need to do in order to get on and finish my book. Well anyway, that's the plan!


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