I hate golf, but I love St Andrews

St Andrews has always been one of my favourite places to spend time. I don't like the golf and yah aspects of it, but I love its history and its location. It has more than anyone has any right to expect of a town its size: a ruined castle, a ruined cathedral, a ruined chapel, one of Europe's oldest universities, several golf courses (including the Old Course championship course, which is, I am told by someone who cares about these things, a municipal course, and is therefore quite cheap and not at all exclusive), the British golf museum, two 5* hotels, a sea-life centre, and a pretty impressive range of small shops, cafes, restaurants and bars. I first visited St Andrews away back in the early-1980s, when I was going out with a girl whose parents were very wealthy and who owned a house there that they had bought for my girlfriend's big brother, who was studying at the university at the time. The rich girl moved on to another person who came from a similarly wealthy family, but this didn't stop me heading off there for weekends with my friends. No longer having access to the house, I had to make do with a tent at Kinkell Braes campsite. I have been a regular visitor ever since. When Linda got her job in Dundee, and we knew that we were going to have to leave Glasgow, we seriously thought about buying a house in St Andrews, but Linda didn't fancy having to drive so far every day, so we ended up where we are now. Now I don't think that we will ever be able to afford a house there. Still, we're only a 20 minute drive away.


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