Ivy in the raw

Okay. Why did no-one tell me that RAW was so damned good? Why did no-one tell me that CS has its own built in RAW converter? I have been put off shooting in RAW before because, firstly, I only had a couple of 128xD cards, and I didn't know that I had the software to work on the RAW image (the S7000 ships with the LE version of Fuji's RAW converter - and all that does is convert the image to an 8bit TIFF). Now, equipped with a bigger memory card (did you know that you can get a Kingston CFII 1Gb card for £55?), and the knowledge that RAW images can be manipulated in CS, I have been playing about. And, boy, am I impressed with what it can do. Apparently, I can print pin-sharp images up to at least A3 - not that I have an A3 printer to print them on - but it means that I can make fairly tight crops without too much image degradation (the image below is an example). I am absolutely gobsmacked by just how good it is. I am now completely converted to RAW. Goodbye JPEG. Now, if only someone could help me out with my confusion over print resolutions!


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