L is for loadsamoney, lazy buggas and sinners

Laziness is what has led to this image. Nothing more or less than laziness. I had thought about heading out to Arbroath this morning to take some photographs of the North Sea from the cliffs. I went to the supermarket instead. By the time I got back from Tesco and had my lunch, it was time to sit and listen to the big game on the radio: Dunfermline versus Celtic. Obviously I couldn't go anywhere while the match was on. It is my duty as a Celtic supporter to listen to all 90 minutes of it. Two first half goals restored Celtic to their rightful place at the top of the table. Now that the game is over, all the commentators are talking about the 'crisis' at Celtic Park, and about the immanent departure of our manager (he has been leaving ever since he arrived here in the summer of 2000... well, that is if you believe the rumours). Anyway, it is too dark and too cold to go out and search for a photograph that is not a macro of some object or other that is lying about on my desk. Still, accusations of laziness aside, there is some intrinsic beauty in these stacks of coins (I am working on the assumption that people tend to believe what they read without much question). Also, I have been toying with the idea of joining in on the 26 letters thing that lots of people are doing. To this end, I have killed four letters with one stone (to coin a phrase - oh... when I'm hot, I'm hot!). So, apart from L is for "LOADSAMONEY", we have (a) P is for "PILE OF PENNIES" (so far so good) (b) C is for "COLUMN OF COPPER COINS" or "COPPER CANYON" (not bad, eh!), and finally (c) A is for "ALLITERATION". Am I good or what!


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