I resisted the temptation to do yet another money macro. It was a close run thing, let me tell you. Instead, my Daily Bowl will reflect just what I've been up to this miserable Scottish December day. I was up with the famous Aberdeen blue-breasted robin, and made everyone's breakfast. I had to drop Liam off at school before going to the supermarket for some essential groceries. I got the shopping, loaded it into the trolley and went to the check-out when I realised that, in my rush to get Liam to school, I had left my wallet at home. The woman on the till said she would watch my messages while I went home to get some money. This I did, then went back to pay for the goods. The rest of the day, until 3pm, was spent working on some articles. I went back to the school to pick Liam up and take him to the bank where he was opening a new account. Then I had to go back to the supermarket to pick up some of the things that I had forgotten to pick up in the morning. This all relates to what I was saying yesterday about men not being able to concentrate on more than one thing at a time. With the lacunae filled, I came back home, where I had to continue working on the articles. Which all brings me quite conveniently to this image. The work I am doing involves me flicking between different articles and pages within the same article. Back in the days when I only had one PC, it was a bit of a bind having to continually press Alt-Tab. Now I have one article up on my desktop, and the other on my laptop - and all I need do is turn my head (which gives me one less thing to think about). I sit happily tapping away on the laptop's keys, then, when I need to, I look to the material displayed on my desktop's huge monitor. So, that's my day. As happy as a pig in shit locked away in my study glancing to the left and to the right, keeping it going all night, hey hey hey. The only downside is that the deadline is tomorrow, and I am only half way through the corrections. Still, nevermind, no-one said that it would be easy. If it was, I wouldn't be able to charge as much!


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