N is for numpty, nincompoop and eggs

Kind of says it all, really. Last night I met up with fellow Scottish padder, Dominic, and we headed out to Broughty Ferry where we sat in a pub full of Rangers supporters and watched their team getting knocked out of European competition. I can't say that I was disappointed with the way things turned out, because they have been having a good laugh at Celtic getting knocked out last week (honestly, let's compare being knocked out by Barcelona and AC Milan to being knocked out by Aalkmar (who they?) and Auxerre! Hardly the same league of competition, is it!). Anyway, there were lots of tears and gnashing of teeth on the television as they came to terms with Rangers' ejection. Now all of Scotland's hopes rest with Hearts who, hopefully, will get the result they need to take them through tonight. If you're looking at this Richard, my fingers are crossed that you do it. Right, back to Dominic. A very pleasant chap indeed, who had lots of interesting tales to tell, and who pretended he wasn't bored rigid when I started talking about Portuguese politics (honest, Dom, it's a test to see how much of me you can take). We kind of briefly discussed organising a Scottish PaD Posse get together sometime in the new year, where we can all take lots of photos and drink a few beers. As for me being a bit of a numpty... well, last night, while I was out with Dominic, I took my cameras (yes, both of them) and my little table top tripod with which I had intended to take a photograph of the pair of us enjoying the footie. I don't know, but a combination of the excitement of watching Rangers fall flat on their face and the good company I was in and I forgot. As Dominic will tell you, as I was driving, I was drinking fresh orange and lemonade, so I can't even blame my forgetfulness on the drink. Nope. I have to accept it, I am just a numpty. Sorry about the photo Dominic, but it was nice meeting you, and I hope that it won't be too long before we do it again - and perhaps this time Gavin will be able to get some time off work. Harumph! What a numpty am I....


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