Rainy days and Mondays

I am absolutely snowed under with work just now. I know that I ought not to complain, because every additional piece of work completed is another few quid in the bank. Yet, I cannot get myself excited about what I have to do, and I am even less delighted that everything seems to have a 31 December (or earlier) deadline. The weather here has got decidedly milder of late, and is presently well above what is normal for this time of year. I actually think that it is warmer here than in Lisbon just now. The only down side to the unseasonable warmth is the rain. It has been dull and overcast all day, and only recently has started to rain, and I have enough work for two people and SAD. As those of you who are regular consumers of my Daily Bowl ought to be aware, I do not like grey and wet winter days. I much prefer clear days, even if it means that the temperature hovers around freezing. The cold is easily overcome with plenty of layers of natural fibres. Heaven knows that there are few enough hours of sunshine at this time of year! I much prefer that we actually get some benefit from the little daylight there is - and when it's dull and grey, well, there hardly seems any point in getting out of bed. In saying this, however, there can be little doubt that cloudy and rainy days provide us with lots of interesting light. As I was sitting at my computer pondering my workload and thinking about my PaD, I heard the soft patter of rain hitting the window. I looked out and saw the most amazing pink sunset - but in my haste I never managed to capture it. I did, however, manage to capture the rain on the window and the last remnants of the day's light beyond. So, instead of a pink sunset, you get a raindrop abstract. I like it, even if you don't!


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