'S no' funny, man

Christmas is certainly drawing ever nearer, and there is still no sign of the snow that we have been promised. I know that up Aberdeen way there has been a bit of a sprinkling, and that over on the west coast the tops of the hills have had a dusting, but it has not yet made it's way to Dundee - not even the tallest Sidlaw, Craigowl, has so much as a snowflake. Don't get me wrong, I hate the stuff. Very pretty to look at, but horrible stuff to have to negotiate. I don't like snow because it is cold. It is also wet. And sticky. And it's slippery too. And did I mention that it is wet and cold? Pristine snow on a hill or covering a field is a beautiful bucolic winter image. However, in the city it is a different matter. Because it is horrible slippery stuff, the council (when they remember) grit the streets with rocksalt and sand. This, combined with the passing of cars, turns the lovely white stuff into an evil black slush that collects at the side of the road, just in the perfect place to be sprayed over any pedestrians in the vicinity every time a car passes. Another thing about city snow that I don't like is where it has been turned yellow by canine urine, or worse, where there is brown seepage from canine feaces. Combine the canine pollution with the rocksalt, sand, traffic and pedestrians, and you have a pretty disgusting, cold, wet, sticky, slippery mess that is about as far removed from the Christmas card image as it is possible to be. So. There is no snow here yet. Long may that continue to be the case.


Blogger Keith said...

Sure we got a sprinkling up near aberdeen like you say, but its quickly became "black slush" that you mention. If it would snow any time soon, that would be great.

11:10 pm  

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