Who wants to be a millionaire?

I think I probably average about one lottery ticket a year. I have never really been caught up in the lottery fever that struck this country, and there is absolutely no way that I would stand in a queue at the supermarket just to buy a ticket. I'm sure we've all seen it: people waiting in line and then buying 20 tickets at the one go. Or what about the people who win the £10 prize for matching three numbers, who take their prize money in scratch cards! I have no real problem with people playing for fun - because the odds, at 14,000,000:1 are stacked against you. I think you have more chance of being killed by the Dalai Lama than you have of winning anything. Still, I suppose the few hours between purchasing the ticket and throwing it in the bin are moments in which it is possible to imagine buying that Highland castle, the moradia in Sintra, a small chateau in the south of France, a couple of nice Italian sports cars, the world cruise and the Canon 20D with all the fancy lenses that Robin Reid has. You may mock, but I already have my eye on a nice castle nearby and the Ferrari showroom in Edinburgh is only a phone call away. I'll always have time for my poor Pbase friends, though.

I didn't want to win anyway!


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