Blown away

Some days are good, some are excellent, while every now and again one that is sublime comes along. Today was one of those days. I met up with Gavin and we set off for Arbroath for our wander along the clifftops with the occasional foray down a precipitous path to the beaches below for some respite from the gale that was howling around us. While the wind blew with all its might, and many a gust threatened to carry us off into the North Sea, the rain stayed away, and the temperature remained reasonable. The biggest problem we had (or I had) was keeping the camera glass clear of salt spray from the sea. We set out at about 10.30am, and walked almost all of the way to Auchmithie, which is, Gavin informed me, the village in which the famous Arbroath Smokies were first produced. There is not much left at Auchmithie now but a few houses perched on top of a cliff overlooking a small bay and the remains of what must once have been a thriving fishing harbour. It is still possible to imagine what it must have been like when it was full of fishing boats, fishwives and smoke houses. Unfortunately, however, all there is now is a sign telling people that they are not allowed to park caravans, a few old rowing boats and a couple of sheds. As we walked back to the car, we happened across an old car battery that had been dumped. We wondered what kind of person would want to carry an old and heavy car battery for three miles along a cliff top just to leave it littering the countryside, rather than take it to their local garage where it could be disposed of safely and at no cost. I guess some people just like making a mess. On another note, Gavin knows that I'm in the market for a DSLR, and that while I am leaning towards the 20D, I am not unwilling to consider other alternatives (such as the Fuji S2 Pro, the 10D or even a D70). To help me with my decision (and to push me in the Nikon direction) he offered to loan me his brand new D70 for a couple of days. I was flabbergasted at his amazing offer. Of course I thanked him profusely as I declined: I wouldn't want to deprive him of his new camera. In any event, I would be far too scared to use it in case I damaged it. Just goes to show you what a nice guy he is, though. Thanks again for the offer, Gavin: it blew me away!


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