Hanging in the air

This day has just flown past in a blur of Quark Express, Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft Word files flashing across the screens of my computers. Now it's past 5pm, and I don't feel as if a child has been washed. At least the phone didn't ring... that's a good thing, right!? I got annoyed at Linda for going into the office that she no longer works at to do work that she's not supposed to be doing: she's on study leave for 18 months, and she's had to accept a fairly hefty pay cut while she's completing the course, so I really don't think that she should be worrying about her old job when she has an essay due. I mean, she's not being paid, and she could be down the library getting prepared for the new term. She's either too conscientious, avoiding writing the essay, or just wants to be out of the house and away from me (I suspect that it's a combination of the three). Back in my mundane world, I sat working at my computers, and before I knew it it was cold, windy and dark: far too cold, windy and dark for photography (although I have still to take my walk, so you never know). I spent some time last night processing some of the photographs I took while out with Gavin on Wednesday, and which I have yet to upload. I came across a stock photography agency, and followed their instructions on how to prepare images for submission to them. This involved downloading a trial version of the Genuine Fractals plugin, and bumping up the images to 48Mb tiffs. I compared the normal Photoshop interpolation with the GF, and have to admit that it is like comparing night and day. I have since registered with an agency, but I'm afraid that my Fuji doesn't produce images that come up to scratch, so I won't be submitting until I get the DSLR. Still, I will be able to practice until then. Since I haven't been able to get out today, I thought that I would share with you the image that I was working on last night, and which I now have as a 48Mb tiff (in both colour and b&w). I hope you don't mind too much.


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