Have haggis, will travel

Oh... I very nearly went and done it. I was this >< close to getting it. I had it in my hands and was able to caress its buttons. But I was strong. I have willpower. I held out. Instead, I bought a new memory card. The D70 will just have to wait for another day... but its time is coming... and I have decided that I will be getting the Nikon instead of the 20D. Bit of a roller coaster of a day today. I was asked to give a quote for translating and editing a book. Not wanting to have to do it, since I have a lot on, I hoped to dissuade them by quoting a price that was three times my usual rate. They accepted it! My prices have just gone up! After all, the D70 won't work without lenses! My first port of call when I get my new camera will be the States! - it is decided (although I haven't yet figured out how to tell Linda). So, I'm off on my travels tomorrow with my trusty laptop, S7000 and M603. Steeled, I am, for yet another week in Portugal's national library: between meetings at the uni, that is. Tomorrow is a travel day, and if all goes smoothly I should be at Alcântara by 9.30pm. I will possibly have time to post an image tomorrow, but if not, it will be up on Sunday. Talking of Sunday... since this trip is a short one (no free weekend), I only have one free day, and that will be Sunday. I'm not quite sure where I'm going to go, but don't be surprised if I end up in Sintra. I have not forgotten to pack my haggis, turnips, shortbread and outcakes: the whisky I will get at the airport. So. I'm all set. Tomorrow is a new day, a different country, and sees the return of colour. Tchau e até breve meus amigos!


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