Off on my travels again

Thanks everyone for your well wishes, I am glad to report that I have successfully nursed Liam back to health. Although his throat is sore, and he still has a chesty cough, his temperature and appetite are back to normal. He is currently bouncing about the living room, moving between the DVD that he is sort of half watching and the strategy game on his PC. On another note, I must say that I am getting a bit tired of travelling back and forwards to Lisbon. It costs me quite a lot of money (as Mr Inland Revenue will attest): money that could be spent going to more exotic locations. As a bit of a diversion this lunch hour, I went on to the Expedia site and had a look at the cost of flights to some of the destinations in the world that I would like to visit in the not too distant future. I am going to Lisbon next Saturday for a week, and the air tickets cost me just under £200. A return ticket from Edinburgh to JFK, on the same dates, would cost me £235, while a return to Boston was £245, Seattle would set me back £320 and LAX £290. Makes you think. Just out of interest, I checked for flights later in the year, working to the conventional wisdom that the further in advance you book and pay, the less you pay. This general rule does not seem to hold true for US destinations, as the cheapest return I could get to anywhere in the States in July would cost me almost £700. If I can get flights to the States for under £300 before Easter, though, then I think I would like to go over for a few days at the end of February or the beginning of March. Now, are there any Americans out there prepared to give me a roof over my head for a few days!? What? D'ya think I'm joking?


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