Salted peanut pile

Well, this morning was much nicer, and I managed to drop Linda and her Mum off safe and sound at Edinburgh Airport. The journey went without incident, at least until we caught the early rush-hour traffic about 2 miles north of the Forth Bridge. I looked at the clock... plenty of time to get to the airport, so I just relaxed. I think I was the only unconcerned driver, judging by the amount of lane changing that was going on in front of me, and the number of people who were speeding up the hard shoulder without a care for anyone who may have to use it for the purpose for which it is provided. I know that there are cameras everywhere on the approaches to the bridge, and I know that the technology exists to capture the registration numbers of the dangerous drivers. They should send them out hefty fixed penalty fines. So, no real drama. Unless, of course, you want to class Liam getting the 'flu a drama. So the wee soul started getting hot last night, prompting Linda to declare that she and her Mum were not going to go to Amsterdam. I told her not to be so daft, and assured her that I am perfectly capable of caring for my son. He slept on the journey south, and was chatting away on the road back home. He started to get a bit hot when we got in, so now he is lying dozing on the couch, pumped full of paracetamol to bring his temperature down, and surrounded with bottles of water and apple juice and bowls of ice-cream. He was burning up this afternoon, but he seems to have cooled down a bit now - the paracetamol is kicking in. Hopefully he's over the worst of it, because he can't have any more medicine until 4am. I think I might be needing to run a luke warm bath for him! Anyway, given that the Boy is ill, I haven't had a chance to take any photos today. Nevertheless, I just happened to chance upon this little mound of salted peanuts. Enjoy, for as much as I would like to hang about here, I must go and tend to my son. (Give me my halo now, please).


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