Viva a carnaval!

I haven't really been giving myself much time these past few days. This is because I have been going to the library first thing in the morning, and staying there until it closes at 7.30pm. I don't really mind, because I am actually enjoying the research I am doing and the books I am reading. In order to get as much research as possible done while I am here, I have been limiting myself to a 45 minute lunchbreak. This gives me just enough time to have a light lunch then a walk in the vicinity of the library before going back to hit the books again. Another consequence of my dedication to my work is a lack of time during which to look through the other galleries and leave my usual pithy remarks. It also means that I haven't really had enough time to upload all of the photos I have taken while I have been in Lisboa: fear not though fellow Padders and Paddettes, once I am back in Dundee, I will catch up on both fronts. In the meantime, leave me to think about Sidónio Pais; to consider whether these dresses are made of either paper or tobacco; and to wonder whatever happened to the sub-zero temperatures that we were promised by all the Portuguese newspapers earlier this week.


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